I still remember the first GPS system I ever saw in a vehicle. It was the Hertz NeverLost and I was amazed by it. I had flown into New York for my son’s high school graduation and drove all over Long Island without having any idea where I was going. Fast forward to today and everyone has easy access to GPS systems. I wanted to point out one that I’ve found that is unique: Waze.

Waze is a GPS that is updated in real time for traffic by its users. As you drive around, Waze picks up information on congestion based on how driving speeds change, or if you’re stopped in traffic. It also allows you to report accidents, traffic build-up, road hazards and even police. Waze will choose the fastest route to your destination based on the traffic in real time.

My favorite Waze story occurred in Atlanta. I was about to enter the I-275 when the traffic on the onramp stopped. I reported the backup to Waze and assumed I was stuck. As I crawled along, Waze updated my route and had my get off at the first exit. I followed its directions through some neighborhoods until it put me back on I-275, ahead of the accident that had closed most of the highway’s lanes.

Waze is free from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.


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