Buying a home is a major financial transaction. For most people, it will be the most significant purchase they will ever make. Whether you’re a first time buyer or an experienced buyer, the process is challenging and intimidating. I provide professional representation, typically at no cost to my buyer clients, and manage the entire process to get my clients to the closing table.

There are many online resources for locating available homes for sale, but I do all the legwork for you and deliver real time listing information right to your email. I custom build searches for my clients, tailored to each individual needs, and filter out homes that don’t meet your criteria. Each client gets a personalized website with their search results where they can sort them, remove any they’ve ruled out and highlight the ones they love! Online sites like Zillow, Trulia,,, etc. get their information from the Multiple Listing Service which is managed by Realtors. The information I provide my clients is direct from the Multiple Listing Service, so the information is live as it is happening. Time is of the essence because buyers are competing for the same homes!

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Builders and New Construction

Many buyers make the mistake of walking into a model home without representation. They are greeted by an agent of the builder, who will certainly provide lots of information, but that agent works for, and is legally obligated to the builder! They do not, and cannot, represent the buyer’s interests.

I will represent you at no charge, and I am legally and ethically bound to my client’s interests, with full confidentiality. There is literally no reason for a buyer to enter into contract negotiations on a major purchase with no representation.

If you have any questions regarding the process, feel free to contact me and I’ll give you answers.